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Psilocybin Mushrooms and Magic Mushrooms

by shroom

Psilocybin mushrooms, also called Psychedelic Mushroom, Magic Mushroom, or simply Shrooms, are by no means new on the scene.  In fact, there is evidence of their use going back to ancient times in Africa, the Americas and parts of Asia.   Psilocybin mushrooms have remained popular through the ages largely due to the effects produced by the psilocybin and psilocin, which are psychedelic and hallucinogenic in nature.  However, the effects of magic mushrooms can vary greatly from user to user based on a number of factors, from emotional state to simply the physical setting of the experience.  However, the “trip” from psilocybin mushrooms generally lasts anywhere from 3 to 8 hours.mushroom mosaic 300x300 Psilocybin Mushrooms and Magic Mushrooms

As for their legality, that’s another issue altogether.  Both psilocybin and psilocin are listed as Schedule I drugs under the United Nations 1971 Convention of Psychotropic Substances.  However, it’s been clarified that psilocybin mushrooms themselves are not covered under the UN drug treaties.  However, they are regulated or prohibited by many countries, such as the U.S., UK, and Canada.   Specifically in the U.S., it is not legal to “cultivate” (grow) magic mushrooms.  It is, however, perfectly legal to have psilocybin spores for use in “research”.  So, there you go.

The aim of this site is to bring it all together as one source of information for the best merchants to buy mushroom spores from, particularly psilocybe cubensis.  We’ll also go into how to grow mushrooms at home.  If you are looking for information on how to grow magic mushrooms, we may not go that far, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to put the two pieces of information together if that were what you plans to do.  There may also be a small handful of merchants who will actually ship psilocybin mushrooms anyplace – worldwide.  If they’re good ones, we’ll let you know about it for sure.  The “T/S/P/G” in our Comparison Chart Refers to whether or not the particular merchant carries: T-Truffles, S-Spores Syringes, P-Prints (Spores), or G-Grow Kits.  Be sure to bookmark us, like us, plus us, whatever and come back often.

tafbutton blue16 Psilocybin Mushrooms and Magic Mushrooms
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HydroShroom Review

by shroom

budresearchlogo HydroShroom Review

The HydroShroom mushroom growing system from BudResearch is one of the most unique and effective ways for growing mushrooms.  It is the first consumer mushroom growing system that works on the theory of hydroponics and it is cool.  The HydroShroom draws moisture into the mycelial base of the mushrooms from the nutrient-rich hydroton base of the system, which makes your shrooms grow fast and grow large!   With this system, you will get multiple flushes with every cake cycle and the mushroom growing kit comes with everything you need to grow your mushrooms, except for the spores.budresearch hydroshroom 185x185 HydroShroom Review

Using a hydroponics method, the HydroShroom system has an air pump that forces fresh air into the chamber’s water supply, which oxygenates the water and hydroton.  After this happens, you’ll see the mycelium strands from your cakes aggressively growing into the oxygenated hydroton.  This results in a capillary effect that injects the cakes with hydrated nutrients.   The HydroShroom’s hydroton base comes enriched with shroom-loving nutrients to stimulate mycelial growth.  The system also has controls that allow you to adjust moisture, temperature and air content – making the HydroShroom a self-contained, automated mushroom growing ecosystem.

The HydroShroom is available exclusively from BudResearch, who is an international firm that supplies some killer horticultural preparation tools.    BudResearch takes all Major Credit Cards, Paypal, Money Orders, Cashiers Check,  and Cash if you order by mail.  Most items ship within 24-48 hours and shipping is via UPS or USPS.  All packaging is discreet.  Nothing, not even your billing statement, will say “BudResearch” on it.  The HydroShroom is a killer system for growing any sort of mushrooms and has developed a large fan base very quickly.  It works – very well, and fast.  Grab your HydroShroom mushroom growing system from BudResearch and be sure to come back and share your review with us.

magicmushrooms HydroShroom Review

budresearch HydroShroom Review

Payments AcceptedMajor Credit Cards, Paypal, Money Orders, Cashiers Check, Cash
ShippingShipping 24-48 hrs; shipping via USPS or UPS; All packaging discreet;
PriceFrom $109.95
tafbutton blue16 HydroShroom Review
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Highstreet Review

by shroom

HighStreet Highstreet Review is a Netherlands (Amsterdam) – based online smartshop that has been in business for over 10 years and has a massive selection of products in it’s Smartshop, Headshop, Seedshop and Growshop.  They do have shipping restrictions on some items, but not on Psilocybin Mushroom products.  Wait…what!?!?  Nope, not a typo.  These guys ship “the goods” worldwide.  booyah.tampanensisBig 300x300 Highstreet Review

Highstreet carries a shitload of psychedelic mushrooms products that could keep you happy, and eventually broke, for a long time.   They carry four types of Magic Mushrooms, or truffles, that you can buy: Sclerotia Atlantis, Sclerotia Mexicana, Sclerotia Pajaritos, and Sclerotia Tampanesis.  You can get these fresh in a variety of quantities or in powder form.   Highstreet also carries eleven different mushroom growing kit products so that you can start growing magic mushrooms at home (if that is what you want to do).    Each kit generally guarantees at least 3 harvests.  Finally, they carry 20 different mushroom spores products.   Again, all of these product will ship Worldwide.  This is a killer find for anyone cubensis grow kit Highstreet Reviewlooking to have truffles or a complete grow kit shipped to some of the more restrictive countries.  For spores, I’d probably stick to a merchant a little closer to home.

Highstreet accepts Major credit cards, Bank Transfer, Cash, COD and they generally ship within 24 hours.  Shipping is TNT to the United States and delivery is generally 2-10 days.  Global  and expedited shipping is also available, as is insurance. stands behind their products with a Money Back Guarantee.  They allow returns and exchanges within 30 days of delivery if you are not satisfied.   That being said, we recommend them as a trusted source of quality ensured  Psilocybin Mushrooms and magic mushrooms products.  Check them out and don’t forget to come back and share your experience with us!

magicmushrooms Highstreet Review

highstreet 468x60 Highstreet Review

PriceFrom €10.00
ShippingMost orders ship same day; Shipping to U.S. is TNT with choice of Priority, Tracking and Insurance. Delivery 2-10 days.
Payments AcceptedMajor Credit Cards, Worldpay, Bank Transfer, Cash
T/S/ P/GT,S, G
tafbutton blue16 Highstreet Review
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Avalon Magic Plants Review

by shroom

Avalon Avalon Magic Plants Review

Avalon Magic Plants is a Netherlands-based online botanicals shop that specializes in cool natural hallucinogens, such as shrooms, Cacti (peyote), Salvia, and – Ayahuasca.  They do, however, impose shipping restrictions on many items but there are quite a few magic mushrooms products that will ship to the U.S. that are pretty cool.MycomateKiloKit 300x300 Avalon Magic Plants Review

Avalon Magic Plants has a great range of Magic Mushrooms products as it’s one of their specialties.  Some of these items DO have shipping restrictions on them and some don’t, so we’ll go over the ones with restrictions first.  Magic Truffles are available in 5 different strains.  These will NOT ship to: USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hungary, Slovenia, Estonia, South Africa, Reunion Island, Mauritius.  Avalon also has an amazing selection of magic mushroom grow kits, some with restrictions and a few without.  The ones labeled “Magic Mushroom” are NOT going to ship to:  UK/GB, USA, Australia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Croatia (Hrvatska), Mauritius, Reunion Island, South Africa, Mexico, Japan, Canada, Brazil, Portugal, Estonia, Switzerland, New Zealand.    However, their Mycomate Kits, in particular their Mycomate Kilo Kit, will ship anyplace EXCEPT the UK (sorry guys).  The MycoMate Kits do not include the spores, which you purchase, and which will ship, separately.  Highly recommended combo right there.  As for the spores psilocybin spores are available in spore syringes in 17 different strains, Spore Vials sporevial deal 0 Avalon Magic Plants Reviewin 15 different strains, and spore prints in 3 different strains.  There are also volume and combo packs of all of these to combine and save money.    Finally, Avalon carries other mushroom growing supplies such as heating elements, substrate ingredients and filter equipment.

Many of these mushroom growing items are available to ship worldwide – no restrictions.  Avalon Magic Plants has a ton of payment options, including major credit cards, bank transfer, western union and even cash.  If you are in the U.S., expect to wait a bit longer for shipping though as they are overseas.  It could take 2-3 weeks to get your items. Avalon Magic Plants does stand behind their products and service with a Satisfaction Guarantee and refund policy and that’s key.  They get our recommendation as a quality psilocybin mushroom source and many others agree.  Give them a try and come back and let us know what you think!

magicmushrooms Avalon Magic Plants Review

kilokit Avalon Magic Plants Review

Payments AcceptedMajor Credit Cards, Western Union, Bank Transfer, Cash
ShippingShipping Costs start @ 5 eur; shipping times vary by country – see site for details; Orders shipped TNT
PriceFrom $
tafbutton blue16 Avalon Magic Plants Review
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Shayana Shop Review

by shroom

shayanashop Shayana Shop Review is a Holland-based online smartshop that specializes in magic mushrooms, cannabis seeds and other psychedelics, including cacti.  They do have some shipping restrictions on some magic mushrooms products but not on all of them.  What’s strange is that they’ll ship you a peyote cactus but not some truffles.  Go figure.
Psilocybe Tampanensis Atlantis 2280 Shayana Shop Review
Shayana Shop carries some killer magic mushroom truffles that are vacuum packed and ready to ship – just NOT to the United States, Sweden or Switzerland.  Everyone else is good to go with a choice of 5 different strains of Psilocybe mushrooms.   However, if you are looking at growing magic mushrooms and want a mushroom growing kit, you are in luck.   Choose from 18 Different Magic Mushroom Grow Kits that Ship Worldwide!  Ready to go – out of the box, with directions for the newbie.  Lots of testimonials and reviews on these on their site too.  They work.   Shayana Shop also carries mushroom spores and mushroom prints from 30 different strains, most in both spore syringes and spore prints.  Finally, they even have your growing supplies should you be in the market – buy some filter bags, horse manure, grass seeds, etc.

Shayana Shop takes major credit cards, bank transfer and cash.  They even give a 10% discount if you send them cash (provided you want to wait longer for your shipment).  They ship all items discreetly and most arrive in 5-14 business days depending on your location.   They do have a re-shipping policy and stand behind their service and have a solid customer service record with almost 10 years in business online.  That being said, we recommend as trusted source of psilocybin mushrooms products.  Pick some up and don’t forget to come back and let us know about it.

magicmushrooms Shayana Shop Review

shayana bigbanner Shayana Shop Review

Payments AcceptedMajor Credit Cards, Bank Transfer, Cash (10% discount)
ShippingShipping rates vary (see site), Delivery is generally within 5-14 working days, all packaging and labeling very discreet.
PriceFrom 10 Eur
tafbutton blue16 Shayana Shop Review
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MRCA Shop Review

by shroom

mrcashop MRCA Shop Review is an Austria-based mushroom and mycology supply merchant that is the perfect source for anyone in the EU to pick up mushroom spores, mushroom prints or mushroom growing supplies and mushroom grow kits.  They really don’t have a lot on hand for the U.S. folks that you couldn’t otherwise get in the states except for those in the 3 buzzkill states that aren’t able to purchase and import mushroom spores.  In those states, you may be able to find quality overseas merchants that will ship you the mushroom spores that you want, even psilocybe cubensis psilocybe cubensis A Strain MRCA Shop Reviewspores.

MRCAShop carries psilocybin spores in both prints ( strains) and syringes (35 strains).  Each spore syringe contains several millions of spores, soluted in 10 ml of sterile water.   Mushroom growing supplies and mushroom grow kits are available in what they call their “Mushroom Growing Rooms” section.   These range from a mini plastic “grennhouse” without heating up to very elaborate systems with environmental controls.   Additionally, you can purchase Mushroom Cultivation Supplies such as substrates and grain spawn and Laboratory Equipment such as Alcohol Lamps and Microscopes.  They also have a nice selection of books and videos on mushroom cultivation and study.

MRCAShop takes Major Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Bank Transfer, Western Union, and Cash if you order by mail.  They do ship worldwide and shipping methods and rates vary depending on your location.  There is a page on their site dedicated to this.    They also have a physical store in Innsbruck if you are in that area.    These guys have been online selling their wares for close to 5 years and have a massive following world-wide as well as a great system for feedback on their site.  We highly recommend them if you are in the EU and looking for a trusted source of mushroom spores or mushroom growing supplies.  After you visit and give them some business, don’t forget to come back and share your review.

magicmushrooms MRCA Shop Review

 MRCA Shop Review

PriceFrom 12.00EUR
Payments AcceptedMajor Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Bank Transfer, Western Union, Cash
ShippingShipping Rates and Methods Vary; See site for details; All Packaging is Discreet.
tafbutton blue16 MRCA Shop Review
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Azarius Review

by shroom

Azarius Azarius Review is a Holland-based online head shop that sells a ton of legal herbs, party pills, psychedelics, seeds, paraphernalia, etc.  It has been online for over 12 years and lists over 1000 products.  They even have a real store in Amsterdam.  Sounds great, right?  Well, not necessarily, depending on where you live.  Unfortunately, these guys keep awfully good track of what’s legal where and have very strict shipping rules.  So, you may find the product of your dreams on this site, only to see at the bottom, where it says “Shipping restrictions”: that they will not ship to your country.   So why include them?  Easy, not all of ourinnervisions master kit Azarius Review site’s visitors come from the U.S. (absurd notion, right?).

So, here are their Shipping Restrictions for their Magic Mushrooms products.  Live in the U.S.?  Forget it.  No Magic Mushrooms or Mushroom Spores for you (from Azarius).  Azarius carries Magic Truffles, or Sclerotia, in 4 different strains that they will NOT ship to:  Australia, Canada, Finland, France, Slovakia, Switzerland, United States, Norway, New Zealand, Hungary, Slovenia, Estonia, Portugal, United Kingdom, Brazil, Japan, Mexico, Russia, South Africa, Turkey, Sweden, Reunion Island, Italy, Croatia (Hrvatska), Ireland, Spain, Mauritius and Denmark.   They also have 12 Different Mushroom Grow Kits that they will NOT ship to: Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Croatia (Hrvatska), Mauritius, Ireland, Reunion Island, South Africa, Russia, Mexico, Japan, Canada, United Kingdom, Brazil, Portugal, Estonia, Switzerland, Turkey, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Hungary, Finland, New Zealand, France, Norway, United States, Australia and Denmark.;  Finally, they have mushroom spores syringes and vials that will NOT ship to: Switzerland, Finland and United States.  There is also a note that they do not ship spore syringes outside the EU.

Strangely, again, they do not take credit cards or paypal, but they do have a good list of payment options that should suit just about everyone (see below).  Azarius has a forum connected to their site as well as a great customer support system set up.  So, if you are in a country that can take advantage of their services and magic mushrooms products, give them a whirl and let us know what you think.

magicmushrooms Azarius Review

azarius Azarius Review

PriceFrom $9.00
ShippingMost orders ship same day; See site for details; All Packaging is Discreet.
Payments Accepted(No Credit Cards or Paypal) Accepted: Bank Transfer, Money Transfer, iDEAL, Money Order, Cash, COD
tafbutton blue16 Azarius Review
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Spores101 Review

by shroom

spores101logo Spores101 Review is another great place online to purchase mushroom spores, prints and live cultures.  They’ve been in the business for over 7 years and are affiliated with, who sells the Mycodome and other mushroom growing supplies.  psilocybe cubensis Spores101 Review

Spores101 sells 49 different strains of Psilocybe cubensis and another 8 strains of rare and exotic mushrooms, such as Samuiensis and Psilocybe cyanescens.    Mushroom spores prints are available in 20 different psilocybe cubensis strains and another 6 rare and exotic species.    Finally, they carry a great selection of Cultures of Edible Mushrooms in culture syringes, live spawn jars and mushroom patches.   None of these are psilocybin strains.  The culture syringes come in 10 strains, the live spawn jar in one and the mushroom patches in one but the stocking items change and vary.

All mushroom spores provided by Spores101 are guaranteed to be 100% sterile when shipped.  Spores101 has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for complete, on time and intact delivery.  They also state that they will match competitors prices for the same products.   Spores101 takes Major Credit Cards, Money Orders, Bank Transfer, Checks, Cash, and Money Orders.  If you are paying by cash, check or money order you’ll need to order by mail.  They have warehouses in both Canada and U.S. and all U.S. orders ship from the U.S., while Canada orders ship from BC.  International shipping is available.  These guys have been in the business for a number of years, have a very active forum and a ton of repeat customers.  We recommend them as one of your stops for mushroom spores and definitely for mushroom prints.  Let us know about your experiences after you give them some business.

magicmushrooms Spores101 Review

affiliateBanner1 Spores101 Review

ShippingU.S. Orders ship from U.S. Warehouse, Canada order from BC office; Discreet Packaging with Tracking.
PriceFrom $14.99
Payments AcceptedMajor Credit Cards, Money Orders, Bank Transfer, Checks, Cash, Money Orders
tafbutton blue16 Spores101 Review
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Mushbox Review

by shroom

mushboxlogo Mushbox Review is a possible site to hit for your mushroom growing needs in the way of mushroom grow kits, supplies, substrates, and other mycology equipment.   In the business for over 10 years, these guys have some great products to make growing mushrooms a breeze, including a lot of instructional products and their own forum.
mycodome 300x238 Mushbox Review
If you are looking for an all-in-one system to get started in growing mushrooms, their signature Mycodome is a must have.    The Mycodome is a 3-in-1 system that provides your source of heat, humidity and light – all in a sterile environment, that is perfect for growing any strain of mushroom you desire.   This is a system that allows you to grow mushrooms, in your home, privately and discreetly if you wish with little noise and no smell and is very simple to set up.  In addition to the Mycodome, Mushbox sells other mushroom Grow Kits, some quite elaborate.  They also have a full line of substrates in both sterilized and un-sterilized choices.   Need environmental controls and sterilizers?  They have those too!   They have a full range of environmental controls, pressure cookers for sterilizing and even a line of mycology equipment for the scientists in the group.

Mushbox takes Money Orders, Bank Transfer, Checks, Cash, and Money Orders.  Obviously, some of those would be mail orders.  They are Canada-based but some products will ship from warehouses in the U.S.  All shipping is with discreet packaging with tracking available.   Mushbox does have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and they have a slew of happy and repeat customers to show for it, as well as a very active forum.  If you are looking for spores and cultures, those can be picked up at their sister site,   If  you’re looking for a great place to pick up some mushroom growing equipment, or just want to get starting growing mushrooms and need a all-in-one-kit, check out Mushbox.  After you do, be sure to come back and let us know what you think.

magicmushrooms Mushbox Review

PriceFrom $9.99
Payments AcceptedMajor Credit Cards, Money Orders, Bank Transfer, Checks, Cash, Money Orders
ShippingMost Items ship from Canada, Some from U.S. Warehouses; Discreet Packaging with Tracking.
tafbutton blue16 Mushbox Review
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Various Strains of Psilocybe Cubensis Mushrooms and Their Characteristics

by shroom

There are various strains of Psilocybe cubensis available but the person who is planning to use mushrooms should be very careful regarding the mushroom that is being used. Anybody should purchase mushrooms from a trustable source only because certain mushrooms are poisonous. Many people don’t understand the complications associated with usage of mushrooms. Even people who were into identification of mushrooms for more than a decade have made a mistake in identifying and many a times, this mistake even costs a life. There are various psychedelic mushrooms available in the market but these mushrooms are not used for the regular purpose of consumption.

Various strains of Psilocybe cubensis

Many new forms of psychedelic mushrooms are available and various forms have various strains; this necessarily may not be an intentional one created for the purpose of research. magic mushrooms growing Various Strains of Psilocybe Cubensis Mushrooms and Their CharacteristicsPsilocybe cubensis grows along with grasses so cows or any other cattle that eats the grass, eats this mushroom as well and then their dung is led in some or other place and many a times, they tend to get mushrooms of two different strains thus, leading to formation of a new one. The consumed mushroom comes out again as dung and the same is used as spores for a new mushroom. Few of strains of psychedelic mushrooms are as follows: -

  1. Magic mushrooms are one of the most common mushrooms that are grown in psychedelic mushrooms species. These mushrooms have reddish brown caps and yellowish or white stalks. If this mushroom is crushed then it releases a bluish color sticky liquid. It grows directly on cattle dung.
  2. Psilocybe semilanceata is another species that falls under psilocybe cubensis. This type of mushroom grows in grassy areas and doesn’t grow directly on the dung. This mushroom has a pointed cap and the mushroom is either yellow or brown in color.
  3. Psilocybe baeocystis is the last strain of psychedelic mushrooms. These mushrooms grow on rotten logs or peat. The cap of this mushroom is dark brown in color and the stem is either brownish or yellowish in color.

Common characteristics of strains of Psychedelic mushrooms

Psilocybe cubensis cannot be identified with the characteristics that they possess; if a person is planning to get psychedelic mushrooms then they can get it with the help of experts. Few of the common characteristic of this strains of mushroom are as follows: -

  1. Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms have a large and fleshy cap and they also have a small ring on the stalk.
  2. Psychedelic mushrooms have different colors depending on their stage of growth. It is normally dark brown in color when they are young and it is golden brown in color when they are mature; this is the best suitable time to pick the mushroom.
  3. If the person picks Psilocybe cubensis then they will see a blue staining and this occurs due to the chemical reaction of Psilocybe and oxygen.

Various strains of Psychedelic mushrooms have various features and uses; the user should be able to identify that.

tafbutton blue16 Various Strains of Psilocybe Cubensis Mushrooms and Their Characteristics
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